Audio Services

Audio Services

Stereo & 5.1 Surround Mixing for TV/Film

Yeah, we do that…We have two surround mix suites, each with large format ProControl consoles. A full compliment of software plug-ins like Waves’ EQ, Surround Tools and WNS/X-Noise noise reduction, and Izotope’s RX, Ozone and Alloy, help fix problem areas and get you the most out of your mix. Mix compliance software like Surcode Prologic, and Nugen’s LM-Correct and ISL all help to ensure a smooth hassle-free delivery of your specs.

Dolby Encoding

We can meet the A-E’s of all the Dolby deliverables. (Compliance, compliance, compliance…)

Editorial & Sound Design

This is the fun part!  We have an extensive SFX library, all searchable at the click of a button.  Our roster of talented sound designers work with the latest in surround technology, and are honestly, the best!

Voice & ADR Recording

Our well-appointed voice over room can handle voice recording for pretty much anything, including TV and radio spots, games, books on tape and casting demos. Our booth is also well suited for ADR for MOW’s and features, and has a full compliment of microphones and lavs to achieve the best sonic match for your project.


Foley’s a blast and is what can really lift the sound design and realism of any show. Our approach starts with the foley artist. The people we use are solid and fast, and we scale the foley to the needs of each individual project. From large scale requirements, to the small ‘spice it up’ kind, your needs will be well covered.

Remote Narration/ADR Recording/Live Mix Streaming

Via Source Connect Pro X, we can patch in to studios anywhere in the world to record ADR/Narration or, in real time, stream live mix playbacks in Stereo, 5.1 Surround or 7.1 Surround

Stereo Upconvert

We’ve had a lot of fun with this – taking older shows or series, originally mastered in stereo only, and creating a surround version. This process breathes new life into them and has opened up new markets and sales for our clients as they repurpose their catalogue.

Sound Supervision & Support

This is the ‘people-meets-deadlines-meets-budgets’ part of our world. It’s an area where timelines can crash into the art of the production itself. We stay on top of all the sound-post details, like tracking elements from the edit house, composer and picture finishing house, as well as helping clients interpret ever-changing broadcaster and distributor sound deliverables. Clients can be mired in details and potential problems can always arise, but audio post won’t be one of them!

Descriptive Video

Descriptive video service (DV) is a deliverable requirement that we’re seeing more and more.  This specialty voice over is specifically written and recorded for the visually impaired and effectively describes the action on the screen without getting in the way of the “audio action”.  The Mix Room works with well-proven professionals who have honed this process.